Over the years You-Get has built a wide range of solutions, assets and process apps. These solutions help you create and improve your business processes faster and more successful.


You-Get: The Process Cloud and Add-ons


A selection of assets and add-ons You-Get has developed on IBM BPM:


The Process Cloud: BPM as a Service (full DTAP), up and running within 15 minutes, based on a pay per use model. Follow this link to learn more about The Process Cloud powered by You-Get;


You-Get Sprinter: Process Creator to build your (structured & ad-hoc) process in minutes with 100% pure IBM BPM functionality;


Automated Testing: Java + BPM functionality to record your processes and all cases once, and run tests automated once or multiple times;


Case Management: 100% IBM BPM functionality, using CMIS to create case folders and cases, with ad-hoc case routing & case retrieval;


Archive & Purging: Archive and purge all instances and related info and date, with the ability to select ranges.

A selection of the available solutions:


  • Track & Trace

  • Order, Sales and Invoicing

  • Complete modular ERP

  • Client On and Off boarding

  • Customer contact

  • CRM (incl. connect to exchange)

  • Central Product catalogue;

  • Credit Acceptance & Monitoring

  • Input and Output Management

  • Webshop integration

  • Claims Sampling

  • Complaints

  • Risk & Compliance

  • CSR Monitor (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Training registrations

  • Claims registration & processing