Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a comprehensive management approach. It aspires effectiveness and efficiency of every organization combined with innovation and flexibility.

You-Get operates from a business perspective, hence envisions a BPM implementation not only as an IT project. In the end it is the goal for the end users of the Customer business processes to operate as efficient and optimal as possible, in which the deployment and implementation of IBM BPM should be seen as a (tool) means. The software component is important to deliver flexible, efficient and automated processes. However, the people working with the processes are the key stakeholders in the project. Intense cooperation to come to optimal requirements, training and guidance to support the transition to a process oriented organization with the required business support, knowledge transfer to be able to move on independently and governance through the setup of a knowledge center, are all equally as important as well.

Summarizing: BPM enables real-time and historical insight in every field of the organization and gives resources for quick and simple changes in processes.


IBM BPM is global market leading BPM Software. This is reflected by Gartner who has recognized for the past years IBM as a leading vendor in the BPMS field.

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Download Business Process Management for Dummies here.

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