You-Get is founded in 2007 with the goal to be the leading business service provider that offers a complete solution for every step in the complete value chain of her customers. You-Get represents continuous improvement of your business performance through the establishment of flexible and efficient processes with innovative methods and software and helps its clients on their path towards process excellence, whether it being by advising on process methodology, improvements, change management or full process automation.

You-Get defines two areas of focus:


Schermafbeelding 2015-09-18 om 13.37.08Controlling the business processes is the most important element in the success of organization, however usually this control is missing in the bulk of the organizations.


Schermafbeelding 2015-09-18 om 13.37.08Nowadays the gap in economy between operational business processes and IT is growing through the absence of an unambiguous goal and through miscommunication on both sides. However, close cooperation and understanding on both sides of the organization will result in creating the road to success.


Since its founding You-Get has worked on developing and composing a framework that solves the focus areas mentioned above. This framework provides an approach that serves every aspect in a business process and bridges the gap between operation and IT in an organization

The 360° Business Services Approach™ is the outcome of years of feedback and development.  This framework is a comprehensive, modular approach for organizations to grow their process maturity, making sure that all business elements are getting the necessary attention. 


The distinctive and proven 360˚ roadmap, as well as the experience in comparable segments and processes, make You-Get the ideal BPM partner for Customers. IBM BPM is one of the market leading BPM Solutions, as recognized by e.g. Gartner, and You-Get is in the Netherlands market leader in IBM BPM implementations.