02 May How to bring business in control of processes

Companies have many processes. Some of them are complex and they frequently form the beating heart of the organization. These often core processes tend to have an external focus towards customers. Therefore, core processes differentiate an organization from its competitors. However, every organization also has...

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25 Nov Automate simple processes

Earlier this month it was my wife’s birthday. I ordered a food processor on the internet. In order to prevent my wife from seeing the gift when it would be delivered, I picked Saturday as delivery date. However, next Thursday a water heater was delivered...

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19 Nov Proud to be a You-Getter

Last week You-Get received the FD Gazellen Award 2015, and understandably we are all extremely proud of that! The FD Gazellen Awards are granted every year by het Financieele Dagblad, based on how good the financial numbers are in terms of revenue growth as well...

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