Proud to be a You-Getter

19 Nov Proud to be a You-Getter

Last week You-Get received the FD Gazellen Award 2015, and understandably we are all extremely proud of that! The FD Gazellen Awards are granted every year by het Financieele Dagblad, based on how good the financial numbers are in terms of revenue growth as well as the general financial health state of the company. Great numbers, great growth, well done, but what really matters are…

Our people!

People work for all kinds of reasons: some work for the money, others work to make a contribution to a better world, and there are those that work to develop themselves. All good reasons, but what makes people at You-Get stand out most is that they do their job with great enthusiasm, and they all have that drive for excellent performance! And on top of that, they find it really important to make a valuable contribution to the team result.

A positive culture like that does not grow automatically. We all have to work hard for it, starting from the moment of recruitment, which poses questions like: are they team players? Do they have a passion for their work? The You-Getter is inspired to help customers improve their performance. The result for the customer is always more important than the result for You-Get. That is how people actually feel it, they adopt that customer focus.

This solidarity is of course quite tricky to create if most of your employees continuously work at the customer site. We therefore organize four times a year a knowledge-day where we link content to a fun activity. And our team meetings often take place during a relaxed dinner. Work and personal life overlap at such times.

The You-Getters come from very different backgrounds and cultures, each with a different motivation to develop themselves. Everyone gets that opportunity, which leads to a diverse and exciting view on things. We in fact cherish this, since we value the results that someone in his or her work achieves important, but we find the person behind it at least equally important. Caring for your colleagues, being part of a group that cares for you, those are the aspects that really matter.

Finally, it is above all also about having a fun job, and doing what you like. This fun factor makes the people at You-Get radiate enthusiasm and energy, this also provides for a higher productivity: ideas come faster, and in this collective momentum you can then also enjoy the successes more, both big and small.

So it indeed is really great to win the FD Gazelle Award in 2015, but most of all because we did it together! Thank you so much, I am proud to be a You-Getter!

Erik van Krevel, commercial director of You-Get